Utility HVAC

We cut our teeth on heating and cooling and utility efficiency programs. We know about the downward pressure on appliance rebates caused by rising penetration and federal standards, and the declining incremental find bride review cost for the customer to buy up. We share the concern that lower utility rebates will have an adverse impact on HVAC sales, installation mix, and energy impact. And, we have demonstrated experience in building justifications for new system-holistic and technology-centric opportunities. Our solutions enable both incremental efficiency and lower program delivery cost.

  • Assessment of potential, baseline and incremental cost studies.
  • Pilot program design and permanent program mobilization.
  • Supplier and trade ally outreach, vetting, and engagement.
  • Customer education programs.
  • System QI programmatic training.
  • System QI verification and recognition.
  • Pooling manufacturer english essay help online and utility rebates.
  • Synched rebates and spiffs.
  • May require credential and evidence of design or performance.
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